Telegram群组导航:Baling village relief centre closes after floodwaters recede


Fifty-eight flood victims from 19 families in Kg Padang Empang have been allowed to go home after floodwaters that rose on Thusday night receded. – Twitter pic, July 30, 2022.

THE temporary evacuation centre at the Kg Padang Empang hall, near Baling, which has been operating since Thursday, was closed at 10am today after all evacuees were allowed to return home. 

Baling district Civil Defence Force (CDF) deputy officer Dzulhaidy Mohd Khalil said most flood victims had finished cleaning their houses after the floodwaters receded, and that it was safe for them to return home. 

“The centre, which was opened at 9pm on Thursday, housed a total of 58 victims from 19 families, and all of them have been allowed to go home. 

“However, we are still prepared, and the tent units in the said centre will continue to be placed there for the time being,” he said when contacted by Bernama today. 

According to him, it is cloudy in affected areas and it rained briefly at around 11am, while the water level in Sungai Kupang, especially at the Bailey bridge, was also at a normal level, which is 0.5m. 


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“The Meteorological Department forecasts cloudy and rainy weather this evening, so residents are advised to immediately move to a temporary evacuation centre if the river water level rises,” he said. 

On Thursday, several villages in Kupang were hit by flash floods after continuous heavy rain for about three hours starting at 2pm, causing the water level of Sungai Kupang to rise and overflow into the settlements. 

A total of 16 houses in Kg Sungai Toh Pawang Luar, Semeling, in the Kuala Muda district, were reported to have been hit by flash floods at about 9.30am. 

Kuala Muda district CDF officer Azahar Ahmad said heavy rain for more than an hour caused the flood in low-lying areas of the village. 

“The drainage system has also been identified as a contributing factor to the occurrence of flash floods in the area involved. However, no temporary evacuation centre has been opened and the flood waters have receded completely,” he said. – Bernama, July 30, 2022.


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